Quality Policy in our company which has adopted the ‘Quality in Management’ approach;

·         Products that can make our customers competitive in their sectors
- International quality standards,
- By meeting their expectations at maximum level,
- High performance capability,
- At proper price levels,
- To provide always and on time

·         To monitor, measure, control and continuously improve our processes by using scientific data collection and evaluation 
systems to guarantee our product quality at the highest level,

·         To increase the quality awareness of all our employees in order to meet the expectations of our customers and to enable 
them to work in the business environment where they can exhibit their creativity,
.          In order to encourage and support team spirit and team work with a management approach based on continuous improvement and to be the best and 
pioneer company in all fields of our activities, we aim to prepare suitable grounds and environments in order to realize the continuity of the policies mentioned 
above in the main headings of Customer, Processes, Employee and Management.